Inclement Weather Guidelines

If the coaches or the captain can tell in advance that it is very likely to rain during practice (80% or more) then we may call practice off earlier in the day via email.

If it is only 50/50 then we will take a wait and see position. Since, often the storm will miss us and we can practice as usual with overcast skies.

Should it begin to rain during practice:

  1. Light rain: if the courts are still dry enough to finish practice safely then we will finish. If courts get slippery we will stop.
  2. Heavy rain: we will stop practice, as wet courts are hazardous. All subsequent practices will be cancelled that day since the courts won’t dry before the next group arrives.
  3. In the event of thunder and lightning we will follow the lead of the pool. When they call everyone out of the pool, we will also take shelter in the pavilion. If it is early in the practice, at the coaches discretion, we may wait for the all clear and resume practice provided the courts are still dry. If practice for that age group is almost over then practice will end when the thunder/lightning whistle blows. If it turns out to be a storm that is close but doesn’t hit us subsequent practices will occur. When practice is cancelled in progress, the coaches will escort children under the age of 12 to the pavilion and wait till an authorized adult or older sibling arrives for them.

When an inclement weather condition occurs the coaches or the Captain will send an email with the appropriate instruction.