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Rules for Using MVPA’s Tennis Ball Machine

MVPA owns a tennis ball machine (Lobster Phenom 2) which is available for use by our tennis enthusiasts.  If you would like to reserve time to use the ball machine for your tennis practice, you must follow the instructions below.
1. You must be age 18 or older to reserve the ball machine.
2. You must read the attached user’s manual for operation (for the Phenom 2 only).
3. You must complete the Ball Machine Registration form below to be added to the Registered User List. By completing this form and agreeing to the Terms of Use, you are confirming that you have read the manual, understand the ball machine operating instructions, and assume responsibility for use during your reservation.
4. You must reserve the ball machine at the Gatehouse (they will have the Registered User List). You must exchange your car/house keys for the shed key that houses the ball machine.
5. You assume responsible for the safety of others, especially children, who are using or around the ball machine during your reservation time.
6. You assume responsibility for proper care of the machine during your reservation. You must collect all balls, store the machine, and lock it in it’s shed after use.
7. You must contact one of the tennis contacts for assistance if you have questions about proper use or problems with machine operation.
8. You must report any equipment malfunction, failure, or breakage to the Gatehouse.
9. You must limit your usage time to one hour if others are waiting to use the machine or the court.
10. You must use the ball machine on Court 1 when it is available.

The manual is written for both the Phenom and the Phenom 2.  MVPA has the Phenom 2 so you can ignore the sections highlighted in yellow as they pertain to only the phenom model.

Phenom 2 Manual

User’s Manual

NOTE: The ball machine is loaded with balls for your convenience, please do your best to collect all balls from the machine and reload them into the machine before storing at the end of your session.  Also, the hoppers with balls and the cases of balls in the ball machine shed belong to Jr. Tennis are are NOT for use in the ball machine.

HOW TO MANEUVER THE BALL MACHINE INTO THE SHED:  Once you reach the grass area, please pull the machine by the handles so the large wheels in the back of the machine are leading.   Once you get to the ramp pivot the machine so the front is facing the shed.  Step onto the ramp in front of the machine and grasp the machine at the top of the base, pull it up the ramp, then lift to clear the front wheels over the edge of the shed.  Finally, pivot the machine sideways into the shed.

Once you have read and understand the manual please fill out the form below to register for ball machine use.

Thanks for your interest and we hope you enjoy the Phenom 2!

You must be logged into your account to register for the ball machine. Thanks, and have a nice day!