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Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are available by swim team junior coaches and a number of lifeguards. Please check with the coach or lifeguard to arrange lesson times and then pay in advance of lessons at the gatehouse. Make sure you give a receipt to the instructor at the time of the lesson. The gatehouse also has information on who is teaching if you need it.

MVP Gators Swim Team

Mount Vernon Park sponsors a swim team for members ages 5-18 (as of June 1st) who can swim across the 25-meter pool unassisted. The MVP Gators swim belongs to the Northern Virginia Swim League. The swim team season begins right after Memorial Day and ends in early August.

Go to the Gators Team Website

Running commentary regarding the MVP Gators is available through the link below. Catch up on the current swim team news. Enjoy!

Gator Blog Link
Gator Swim Gallery

For questions after checking out the swim team website, or if you are new to the team and would like to be added to the distribution list for swim team update emails, please contact the Swim Team Representatives Jamey Piland and Rose Pascarell at