Painting by Theodora Tilton

Aqua Aerobics

Chair: Barbara Phillips 703-768-4878 – AM class

Chair: Kendra Chambers 703-966-2973 – PM class


Classes are limited to 25 participants and registration is on a first paid, first served basis.  Classes cancelled due to inclement weather may be made up after the regular session ends. Please register for only 1 session to allow more members to participate.

Beginning May 1, to register, log in to your account and return to this page.

No drop-ins or guests are allowed this season.

Due to Covid, if you want to use equipment, you must bring your own. There will not be rental equipment available ion 2021.

AM Session – M, W, F, 10-11AM, beginning Mon, June 21. Cost is $45 for 24 classes.

PM Session – T, Th, 7:30-8:30PM, beginning Tue, June 22. Cost is $30 for 16 classes.

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