Painting by Theodora Tilton

Purchase a Key for the Courts so you can play tennis or pickle ball while the park is closed.

The tennis and pickle ball court hours are from 8am to 9pm.

Key(s) will be issued to the adult family member who has authority to sign the key agreement, but children 13 and over can use the key(s) to play tennis or pickle ball.

To acquire a key to the courts, please download, read and sign the agreement form below.   Log in and pay the key fee online and take your receipt and agreement with you to pick up your key(s) at the designated hours.  During the off season, and after the distribution days are over, please contact the Park Administrator at to arrange key pickup.

(If you cannot print the agreement you will be provided one when you go to get your key.  You can read and sign it there.)

During the summer season keys can be picked up at the manager’s office.

Please login to purchase a court key