Rules & Regulations

Mount Vernon Park Association Rules & Regulations are for the protection of Members, their families, guests and the Association. Enjoyment of the Park facilities will be maximized through mutual respect for the rights of others and the observance of these rules. It is the responsibility of management to enforce the rules and regulations as set forth by the Board of Directors. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the rules and regulations of MVPA, please address them directly to the Board of Directors. Please note that while enforcement is the responsibility of park management, the safety and security of person and property within Mount Vernon Park is the responsibility of each and every member and user of the Mount Vernon Park Association facility. Any infraction of these rules and regulations will be deemed to be prejudicial to the best interests of MVPA and shall be considered sufficient cause for disciplinary action by the Board of Directors, up to and including suspension of Park privileges or the revocation of the privileges of Membership. The Park Manager has the authority to suspend Park privileges of any Member for infractions of these rules for a period of up to one week. Notice shall be given to the President of MVPA within 24 hours of such action.

Mount Vernon Park Association Current Rules and Regulations

Current Rules and Regulations

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