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Party Reservations

MVPA Party Reservation Rules

MVPA desires to accommodate its members’ utilization of the Park facilities. Only current members may request a Party Reservation.  So that facilities are not over-taxed and members denied the use of the Park because of special party usage, the rules listed (approved by the Board 5/2/16) are published for the information of the general members. Early reservation requests are suggested for timely approval. Please review the MVPA schedule of events prior to making applications in order to prevent requests being denied. Make sure you see number 13 below and submit your final guest list here.

  1. A Park Facility Reservation Form must be submitted to the Park Manager, Executive Secretary/Treasurer, or member of the Board of Directors for any party or activity requiring approval or reservation as stated in the MVPA General Rules and Regulations #11.   This may be obtained from the forms page of the park website.
    • The Guest List requires the membership numbers and signatures of the sponsoring members, as well as the number of guests. One signature per family member number is sufficient.
    • Unless an exception is granted by the Park Manager or President, parties are limited to three guests per sponsoring member, i.e. five sponsoring members will be allowed a limit of 15 guests for a total of 20 persons at the party.
  2. Approval is required for any party with more than 10 guests. Plan ahead and allow at least 24 hours for approval.
    • A party with less than 50 persons must be approved by the Park Manager or President.
    • A party with more than 3 guests per sponsoring member must be approved by the Park Manager or President.
    • Any party in excess of 50 persons requires approval by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors meets the first Monday of each month.  Applications for parties for over 50 persons are to be submitted for consideration prior to the first Monday of the month in which the party is to be held.  
    • Guest fees will be assessed for each non-member guest. Payment is due by check (no credit cards or cash) at the Gatehouse during your event.
    • For events with 50+ guests, there is a $150.00 cleaning deposit due at beginning of party that will be returned if the pavilion/party area is left in the same condition as prior to event. (All trash in trash cans, pavilion floor and/or picnic tables (if used) clean.)
    • The sponsoring member(s) must leave the inside and outside of the pavilion area clean at the end of use. Use cleaning supplies in pavilion to sweep floor and clean up any spills.  All trash must be picked up. Kindly ask park manager to empty full trash cans if needed.
  3. Member sponsors must be present at the events they are sponsoring.  As sponsors, they share an equal responsibility for the event, the conduct of those attending and any damage/liability incurred as a result of the event.
  4. MVPA reserves the right to limit the number of parties using the Park at one time.
  5. Pavilion use must be requested in advance and its use may be limited.
  6. Parking is a priority consideration at MVPA; car-pooling is highly recommended and may be required for larger parties.
  7. Parties such as reunions, office functions and other such parties are discouraged.
  8. Party reservation dates are to be submitted with first and second choices.  Rescheduling of parties cancelled due to inclement weather may be requested but is not guaranteed.
  9. Party participants and sponsors are liable for damages caused to MVPA property as a result of the sponsored activity.  Each participant and sponsor acknowledges this responsibility and liability by signature of the application and/or participation in the activity.
  10. Fires are limited to the Park grills. Additional cooking equipment other than personal charcoal or self-contained gas grills is not permitted without prior approval of the Park Manager.
  11. Park sponsored activities take precedence over party reservations including confirmed reservations.  Applicants will be notified of conflicts and rescheduling of the conflicting party reservations performed as possible.
  12. Requested party activities not in compliance with the above rules require review and approval by the Board of Directors before being scheduled as an exception to the rules.
  13. Guest fees must be paid prior to completion of the event by check or cash (no credit cards) at the Gatehouse.  A list of guests attending must be provided to the Gatehouse preferably 24 hours before the party. You fill out the Party Guest List Submission form here or email it to the Park Manager at or upload it online.  Do not purchase guest credits online to pay for your guests; pay by check (no credit cards) at the Gatehouse at the time of your party.