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Please read the Court Policy

General Policy and information

  1. Court reservations can be made for between the hours of 8am and 9pm, 7 days a week.
  2. Reservations can be made up to 7 days in advance.
  3. Members can make 1 reservation per day and 7 reservations per week. Walk on tennis is available anytime there is no reservation. This allows all members to enjoy the courts.
  4. Singles reservations are typically made for 1 hour; Doubles reservations are typically made for 1.5 hours.   The maximum reservation length is 1.5 hours.
  5. When taking a lesson the member needs to make the court reservation for the court.
  6. When making a court reservation you must select an email on your account so you will be notified should the park need to cancel your reservation for any reason (maintenance, clinic, etc.) otherwise, you will not be notified and your court will be unavailable when you arrive.
  7. The park, to the best of their ability, will schedule events 7 days in advance so members will have 7 days of notice should their court be cancelled. In the event of an emergency or an act of God, no advance notice can be given.
  8. Courts 1 and 2 have lines for 1 tennis court or 1 pickleball court.
  9. Courts 3 and 4 have lines for 1 tennis court or 2 pickleball courts with portable nets.
  10. Members should be aware that the courts will be reserved throughout the week for the Women’s Team, the Men’s Team, Pickleball Activities, Junior Team Tennis, and Clinics.


  1. For one game of tennis or pickleball, on court 1 or court 2, reserve one slot on court 1 or court 2. The entire court will be reserved for your use.
  2. For one game of pickelball, on court 3 or court 4, reserve one slot on either court, 3A, 3B, 4A or 4B. You will have a reservation for half of the court for one game with the portable nets.
  3. For one game of tennis, on court 3 or court 4, reserve 1 slot on each of court 3A+3B, or 1 slot on each of court 4A+4B. You must reserve both halves so that you have the entire court reserved for tennis.

Hint: Before selecting your start time from the reservation calendar window please verify that there is enough available time to accommodate your desired reservation length.  If you are reserving court 3 or court 4 for tennis please verify that both halves A+B are available for the duration of your desired reservations.  If one half is not available for the entire duration of your desired tennis reservation then you must select another time to use that court or consider another court which may have availability.

NOTE:  If you accidentally select a start time for your reservation that does not allow enough time for your desired reservation duration you will still be given choices for the max reservation time of 1.5 hours.   If you select an end time from this list that overlaps another reservation it will not allow you to confirm the reservation, but no error message is given. You can move up the list to select a different end time until it allows you to confirm the reservation, but, this may result in a reservation duration that is shorter than you desire.  See the hint above to select another time with the appropriate available duration for your reservation.  Please, remember to delete any unusable reservations.

Issue? Please contact us for assistance.

If you have a problem with the court reservation policy please contact Erik Milito,

If you are having a problem with reservation system please contact Deb Oelschlager,

How to Make Reservations

When members log in they are taken to the Manage Account screen, shown below. Once on the manage account screen hover over reservations and click Make Reservation

The Dropdown menu at the top left of the screen shows which facility groups are available, the facility itself is listed on the calendar below highlighted in red. At MVPA you will see “Courts” at the facility.

Once you have selected a facility group you’ll see each of the facilities within that group. At MVPA you will see “Court 1”, “Court 2”, “Court 3A”, “Court 3B”, ” Oourt 4A” and “Court 4B”.

Check the calendar for a period of time large enough to accommodate your desired reservation time.  Click on the facility (court(s)) and time slot you’d like to book. This will open up a window where you can confirm or change the duration of the reservation and choose which member(s) should be included. For members who have an email address on file you need to select an email to receive email confirmation and reminder notifications. If you do not select an email at this time you will not receive notification if your reservation needs to be cancelled for some reason. Remember to reserve both parts of court 3 or 4 if you are playing tennis!

After clicking on Book It the member will see a confirmation screen showing their reservation details.

Members Can Add Their Reservation to A Calendar: The reservation confirmation dialog (shown above) now has options to add the reservation details to Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365 and Yahoo! Selecting a calendar provider and hitting the + sign will open the selected calendar in a new window with the reservation date, times and a description pre-filled. Members simply save the event or they can use the provider’s tools for setting reminders, inviting other people, etc.
Note: Changing or deleting a reservation will not update or remove an existing calendar entry.

The Member’s Point of View:


The member will see their reservation within the facility. 

To see details about the reservation, the member should go up to the blue navigation bar menu, click on Reservations > My Reservations.

Within this screen is where a user can see and add additional members to their reservation by clicking Manage or canceling a reservation by clicking Cancel