Fee Schedule

Guest Fees –  Please note: only checks and credit cards accepted at gatehouse for all transactions including guest fees and registrations. No cash.  You may buy Guest Passes and Snack Bar tickets online.


  • Adult/child 3+: $5.00/day
  • Child under 2: free

House Guests

  • Adult/child 3+: $20/week
  • Adult/child 3+: $60/month

Conducted with MVP asst swim coaches or lifeguards (all fees per student), book online

  • Private: $20.oo per ½ hour session
  • Semi-Private (2-3 students max): $15.00 per student per ½ hour session
  • Group (min of 4, max of 6): $30.00 per student for 5 sessions, ½ hour each

Members seeking private lessons are responsible for scheduling a mutually agreed upon time with the lifeguard or asst swim coaches that will not conflict with their MVP work schedule or team practices.

Tennis Keys

$10.00 each, one per membership, purchase at the Gatehouse.

Fees subject to change.
Current fees posted at the Gatehouse/Bulletin Board.