Annual dues.

Annual Dues

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Add Family Members to your Dues Payment

This is a required part of your membership payment

IMPORTANT!!  To finish paying your dues, you must click the Annual Dues button above and to the right. Then click the small square under Select Members next to each member for whom you’re paying before moving to the next page. You will pay a fee for:

  • each Adult Member
  • each Dependent Child (over age 1 by June of this year)
  • other Resident Family Members within the account – list them as adult (18+) or child depending on age.
  • You will register Caregivers (nannies, au pairs, sitters) later in the payment process.

Please pay for members on your account now, otherwise the system will show your membership as UNPAID at the gatehouse and you’ll have to log in again to pay before entering the Park.

Members are limited to persons of the immediate “family unit.” A “family unit” is “all persons living under one roof of the same immediate family and who are financially dependent on the head of the family.

Other Resident Family Members reside in the household, e.g. adult children, grandchildren, grandparents, etc. Proof of residency is required, e.g., a copy of driver’s license, voter registration or other form/bill showing address. Mail proof to MVPA, PO Box 6087, Alexandria, VA 22306.