Swim Team Gator Gear Up, 3-5pm

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Gator Gear Up will be held Sunday, May 20th from 3-5pm at the Park pavilion.  There will be a Parents meeting at 4pm for those parents whose kids have not done swim team before, or for anyone who would like to know more about how swim team works.  Team swimsuits (same as last year) will be available from the team vendor, Sport Fair.  Sport Fair accepts only checks or cash (no credit cards) at the Gator GearUp event.  Other Gator gear will be available from the team concession (again checks or cash only, so bring two separate checks).  Swim caps with your swimmer’s last name and other personalized gear will be available by special order prior to the season through the Swim Team Website (more info soon). Afternoon Swim Team workouts start the day after Memorial Day.  Your child must be registered to participate in practice. Head Coach Paul Makin will be returning in 2018 along with Laurel Greszler as Assistant Head Coach.  For more information, visit the team website at www.mvpgators.org or contact Swim Team Representatives, Jamey Piland and  Rose Pascarell at mvpgators@gmail.com.